Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dr.Lipp-- original nipple balm for lips Review and Give-a-way ends on 02/20/2013...

Dr. Lipp  --the original nipple balm for lips

We're in the middle of winter and with the extreme cold temperatures comes dry skin and for me it also means extremely dry, chapped lips. 

So today I'm excited to introduce you all to a product called Dr. Lipp --the original nipple balm for lips.

Dr. Lipp's original nipple balm for lips is a medically proven formula historically used by nursing moms to soothe their sensitive nipples. Loved by London's make-up artists Dr. Lipp is pharmaceutically acknowledged as one of nature's most effective and natural skin moisturizers which helps heal even the driest and sensitive skin.

The balm is made from Medical Grade Lanolin, The Rolls Royce of Lanolin. It's easily accepted by the skin because it is so similar to our own skin's natural oils. It's one of the safest and most effective natural products to care for your skin, safe enough to use on infants!

Dr. Lipp is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere you need deep hydration: your lips, nipples, cuticles, calluses, sunburns, baby rashes, scars and even eczema.

The #1 recommendation for Dr. Lipp balm is for use on your lips which I have been using it for. I really love this product. I love that it's 100% pure and nature. It's also tasteless and odorless so it's great for everyone, even those with really sensitive skin. The product is very thick and moisturizes very well. Wearing it as a balm not only hydrates your lips, but gives your lips a glossy shine which I am a fan of. 

I have also been using it to tame my eyebrows. Just a tiny bit of the product keeps them in place. I can't wait to try it for other things. I've read that people mix it with a little lipstick for a natural, flushed cheek color and some even use it to help heal burns, abrasions and incisions. It has so many uses because of how natural and hydrating it is.


"It's a miracle balm..." says Liz Pugh, Celebrity Make-up Artist

"In one small tube I have a gloss, a fixer and a treatment --I am sure Dr. Lipp will continue to impress me with further guises" says Florrie White, Celebrity Stylist to Gwyneth Paltrow   

"Travel friendly in a tube, and goes on so beautifully lik the most luxurious lip balm ever!" says Mary Greenwell, Celebrity Make-Up Artist to Kate Moss 

You can learn more about Dr. Lipp by visiting:


I'm so excited to tell you that one lucky reader is going to win their very own tube of the Dr. Lipp Balm (0.507 fl) valued at $14.50!! 


Disclaimer: Dr. Lipp sent the Jackson Five Family Blog a complimentary product sample to conduct this reader review and give-a-way. The opinions you read above are solely our own! 


  1. I'd use it on my lips and for my chapped hands

  2. I would definitely used it on my lips. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. i would try it for breastfeeding

  4. I would use it for my lips. They get incredibly dry in the winter.

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  6. I bought some of this for my brother, and he absolutely LOVES it! I tried some the other day, and my lips were so buttery smooth afterward, and it lasts a long time! I really hope I win some for myself :)

  7. i would use it for my lips

  8. Well I am expecting and due in august, I plan on breastfeeding this would be prefect, but I also get very chapped lips.

  9. I would use it on my cracking hands.

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  10. I would use it for my lips because I get dehydrated easily and I get dry lips from it and it would help um.