Monday, February 18, 2013

How to stay on track with Nutrisytem while traveling...

This week we took a few days for our family. We went to Great Wolf Lodge and then to Monster Jam. We honestly had so much fun as a family, but traveling makes staying on track even more difficult. The Nutrisystem plan makes it easy for you. Their food is so portable, can be microwaved in the hotel room and their breakfast, lunch and dinner bars are so conveinent when not at home.

I know I've mentioned it before, but a lot eating right is not only eating healthy foods, but also watching your portion sizes. It was so nice being able to grab a bar out of our bag when we were hungry at the waterpark. Once you are in your swimsuit, leaving to find something healthy is hardly an option. The boys ate food from the little snack huts and Craig and I had Nutrisystem bars that we stashed in our bag. They also had a Starbucks at the resort so we had non-fat latte's and they were great with our bars.
We did end up eating at their buffet for breakfast and we found many healthy options. Tons of fresh fruit, they would make you any kind of egg you wanted so we had egg whites along with our fruit. We packed bottles of water to bring with us too, as they can be expensive to purchase when traveling. 
It's not as hard as you might think to stay on track while out and about. Give yourself plenty of time to look over a menu or grab a paper menu to go so that you can check it over and know what you are ordering even before arriving to the restaurant of choice! 
Also, take advantage of the hotels fitness facility. Most of them have gym or workout room and this will definitely help you even if you did indulge a little while on vacation!
I have stayed the same with my weight lately, which I'm fine with, but Craig is continuing to lose. Here are our most recent numbers...

Jenna's 1st Week - Starting Weight 131.4

2nd Week - 127.8

3rd Week - 125.8

4th Week - 123.8

5th Week 125.2

6th Week 124 

7th Week 122.8 

8th Week 122.1 

9th Week 122.1 

10th Week 121.8

11th Week 121.7

12th Week 121.1

13th Week 121

14th Week 122.8

15th Week 121.7

16th Week 120

17th Week 120.2

18th Week 119.6
19th  Week 119.4 
20th  Week 119
21st 119

Total Loss: 12.4

Craig's 1st Week - Starting Weight 226

1st Week - 220

2nd Week -220 

3rd Week - 218

4th Week - 216.5

5th Week - 215

6th Week -215

7th Week -213

8th Week 212.5 

9th Week 212 

10th Week 210.5

11th Week 211

12th Week  210.7

13th Week 210.2

14th Week 210
15th Week 208.5 
16th Week 208.2
17th Week 207.8 

Total Loss: 18.2

If you have any questions about Nutrisystem please don't hesitate to ask as we would love to help you get started on your own journey! 

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