Monday, February 11, 2013

Insta WHAT??



What do you guys think about Instagram? It's one of my favorite apps on my phone. I love looking at everyone's daily photos. Using Instagram you are able to capture the moment and instantly share it with your friends, family or whomever you wish. You can choose to be private so that your peeps have to request to be your friend or you can allow anyone to instantly access your photo stream.

  One of the entries into our give-a-ways is following us on Instagram. If you haven't started following us yet you can go ahead and find us @jackson5famblog.

If you want to leave your username in the comment section I would LOVE to follow you back!

Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos that we have posted...

I hope to see you on Instagram soon! As always thanks for following :-) Happy Monday everyone!


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