Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hide'em and Hatch'em Eggs Review and Give-a-way ends on 04/31/2013...

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail Hoppin' down the bunny trail hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way.... Okay you get it Easter is just around the corner. Do you have the kids Easter baskets ready yet? Or do you have your own little egg hunt around the house? Well we have a fun product that you will definitely want to include this year. It's a product called Hide'em and Hatch'em Eggs.

Hide'em and Hatch'em Eggs are the latest craze this Easter. They are a set of 3 hideable eggs that turn into a cute bunny, chick or duck when soaked in water overnight. The idea is that you can hide these fun eggs and let your kids find them. The fun doesn't end there though. Instead these fun eggs will keep your kids entertained for hours after the hunt is over. After your kids find them they then put them in water and watch the eggs start to crack until they finally hatch, revealing 3 new little friends for your kids to play with.

It's not quite Easter yet, but my kids couldn't wait to have some fun with their new Hide'em and Hatch'em Eggs. We first had a little egg hunt. I hid the eggs and the boys searched until they found them, then the boys took turns hiding them from each other.

Then the real fun began. It was time to submerge our eggs into water and continue to keep an eye on them seeing which egg would crack first. 

The boys kept checking on them and couldn't wait to see what was inside each. After having the eggs submerged over night they finally started to crack and the boys were so excited! 

With a tiny bit of help from me (when the boys weren't looking of course) it was finally time to see what each one had hidden inside. The boys were so happy to find a chick, a bunny and a duck inside them. They had so much fun with these eggs and now have a few little toys to play with. 

It was fun to watch them be so excited over these and to have enough patience to let them crack on their own! They didn't know if the animals inside were going to be real or fake which was fun to hear them talk about!

The boys had so much fun with these and said they would definitely recommend them to their friends :-)


If you are looking to add some variety to a child's Easter basket this year then the Hide'em and Hatch'em Eggs are the perfect item without adding more candy!

You can purchase the Hide'em and Hatch'em Eggs at Amazon by clicking HERE!


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One lucky reader is going to win their very own set of the 3 Hide'em and Hatch'em Eggs!

Disclaimer: The Jackson Five Family Blog received a complimentary product sample of the Hide'em and Hatch'em Eggs to conduct this reader review and give-a-way! All opinions our honest and our own. Our opinions may vary from yours! 


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