Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Must Have Items for Adventurous Travelers...

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5 Must have items for adventurous travelers...

If you are a lover of adventure and make sure you go on travelling adventures regularly then you will know that there are a few items that you would never leave home without. These are the things that you are guaranteed to use at some stage during your travel adventure and ones that always come in handy, no matter where you are. Here are 5 must-have items for adventurous travellers.

Wind-up torch

The wind-up torch is one of the handiest things to have wherever you go in the world, or wherever your adventure takes you. Being in a dark place and suddenly having the batteries on your torch run out could mean a fate worse than death, depending on where you are and what you are doing. With normal torches you have to remember to take spare batteries with you but with a wind-up rechargeable torch all you need is a little bit of energy to wind it back up.

Travel Insurance

Making sure that you have travel insurance is a must when on a travelling adventure. We might plan everything down to the last letter and be the most organised person in the world, but we still need to be ready for the unexpected. Having travel insurance means that you are covered for loss of baggage, accidents, or any other unexpected situation that might arise while you are off exploring the world.


If you are the adventurous type and like to go off the beaten track, having a GPS is a valuable tool for always being able to find your way home. Thankfully these days most smart phones have a built in GPS, so you can utilise that as a means to get out of a sticky situation or work out where exactly you are in relation to your surroundings. Vistaprint iphone 5 cases come in a range of different styles for your phone.

First Aid Kit

Having your own first aid kit can make life a lot easier if you are in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language fluently. Even finding a bandaid could prove tricky if you are unable to ask where to purchase one from. A headache could really cast a shadow over your day and this experience could be easily saved simply by preparing yourself with a small first aid kit as you head off on your adventure.

A good bag

Having a good bag that is ergonomic and suited to your shape and size is a must for a travel adventure. When planning your trip work out exactly how much of your stuff you would like to take with you and find a bag that fits it all in. Choosing a bag that is fairly lightweight is a good idea if you are planning to do some walking, as you don’t want to be carrying more than you need to as you journey off on your adventure. Save your back by getting a good quality bag.

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