Friday, April 12, 2013

Check out these Britax Car Seats on Sale at

If you are looking for a car seat has some awesome Britax car seats on sale right now! They offer modern products for the chic, sophisticated parent! 

Having a safe, comfortable and modern convertible car seat is very important to us. Both boys' are in booster seats as our state law requires them to be at least 8 years old now (or so tall) before they can start using a seatbelt. Here are two awesome cconvertible car seats from Britax that are both on sale right now! If you need a quality seat this is going to last through the years check these out...

Britax Frontier 90

The Britax Frontier 90 is the brand new harnessed booster seat from Britax that will begin shipping in May. The biggest change on the new Frontier 90 is the new Britax ClickTight system which will set the 90 apart from past models.

The ClickTight system allows you to install the seat correctly with ease. No reaching behind it, trying to thread a seatbelt and trying to guess as to where it went, or where it should go and worrying about whether it got twisted along the way etc... Such a dreaded job, has now become easy with the new ClickTight system! To learn more about the Britax Frontier 90 click here!

Frontier 90 Forward Facing Harnessed Mode:
  • Weight Limit = 2 years and 25 lbs. up to 90 lbs
  • Height = 30-62"
  • Seated Shoulder Height = 12.5 - 20.5  
 Frontier 90 Booster Mode:
  • Weight Limit = 40 - 120 lbs. 
  • Height = 45 - 62"
  • Seated Shoulder Height = 15 - 23"    

Additonal Frontier 90 Features:
  • 90 lbs. harnessed upper weight limit!
  • True side impact protection
  • SafeCell technology in base
  • Steel Bars anf Versa Tether
  • 9 Harness Positions for up to 20.5" seated shoulder height in harnessed booster
  • HUGS Harness
  • No Re-Thread Harness
  • Made in the USA    


The Britax Pinnacle 90 is in a league of it's own. The 90 in the name means that it can accommodate children up to 90 lbs. in the harnessed booster mode keeping them safer in a harnessed position longer! That's huge!! This car seat is unbelievably safe as it features side impact cushion technology, air bags on the side of the car seat that will absorb g-force in side impact crashes. Like the Frontier 90, it also features the convenient new ClickTight technology! To learn more about the Britax Pinnacle 90 click here!
Forward Facing Harnessed Mode:
  •  Weight Limit = 2 years and 25 lbs. up to 90 lbs.
  • Height = 30 -62"
  • Seated Shoulder Height = 12.5 - 20.5"

  Booster Mode:

  • Weight Limit = 40 - 120 lbs. 
  • Height = 45 - 62"
  • Seated Shoulder Height = 15 - 23"   

You can check out these Britax Car Seats and more by visiting: 

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