Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Grady...

This week Grady turned 5. As I sit here thinking about it I just can't get over it. How is that even possible that our baby turned 5 and his brother is approaching 8 in the fall. It's just unreal...

Just look at these two boys who are growing up way to fast. It makes me a little sad. I love their ages now, but to look back at pictures and realize they are no longer my little babies is just crazy.  

They have grown so much, I love that they are best friends.

It's so funny we are always looking into the future. When your kids are first born, you wonder things like --What will they look like when they are 5? You wonder what their personalities will be and you just wonder about so many things. Now 5 and 7 years later, looking back I am wondering where has the time gone?  We've always been told "enjoy your kids now because they grow up so fast and are only little once" and as I sit here typing this today I am realizing that all too quickly!! 

Here is a picture of Craig and Grady hanging out when Grady was a baby and then last year on vacation. It's giving me butterflies just looking at these pictures and how much he's grown.

It's cracking me up also thinking about Grady's little personality. This is so him above. He can go from being so sweet and happy to frustrated and down right angry in a matter of seconds. As you can see he hasn't changed much! We wouldn't have him any other way though.

 At age 5 he has so much determination. He doesn't give up easy and always wants things his way. You say put on the red shirt and he wants the green one. Although he is stubborn, he is also the sweetest little boy. He's smart, so funny and has the best giggle I've ever heard. He loves sports, playing with his daddy and brother and cuddling with me in the mornings! He may be 5, but he will always be my baby! 

I love my boys' more than anything and no matter how old they get that will never change!

Grady Quinn, we love you to the moon and back and that will never change!!

Happy 5th Birthday little guy!  --Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!

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