Monday, April 1, 2013


5 Bad Habits you have to get Rid of to Maintain Healthy Eyes-- People often take their eye health for granted. Your eyes will benefit greatly from a nutritious vitamin packed diet full of omega 3 fatty acids and lutein, to name just two. However, that is not enough. If you have developed unhealthy habits, this can have an adverse effect in maintaining healthy eyes.

Eye Strain

Not only will spending many hours in front of a computer screen lead to eye strain but there are many other health problems that computer users face. Symptoms such as dry eyes, light sensitivity, headaches and eye fatigue can all be experienced by spending too long looking at a computer monitor.

Lack of nutrition

Proper nutrition may help prevent or delay chronic conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. With a carefully planned diet, you will notice that the clarity of your eyesight will improve. Be sure to consume eye specific nutrients on a daily basis. Carrots have been handed down throughout the years as a super eye food. Whilst carrots will benefit the eyes, go for the green leafy types of veges, such as spinach and kale. Make a salad or a smoothie and eat these eye super foods as often as possible.


Squinting places muscular stress on the eye and may lead to vision problems. Make sure you never read in a dim light, thereby making you squint, as this will make your eyesight worse.

Rubbing Your Eyes

If you are tired or stressed, one of your natural instincts would be to rub your eyes. This may give you short term relief from stress and may make you feel a bit more alert. However, studies have recently found that rubbing eyes can lead to certain forms of eye disease. Make sure you get enough sleep, as lack of sleep will lead to eye rubbing.

Looking Directly at the Sun

We have all been educated about the health benefits of putting on sunblock when we are outdoors. However, of equal importance is that we should cover our eyes when exposed to harsh sunlight. UV radiation can not only cause skin damage, it can penetrate into the eyes, burning the surface of the eye. Always wear sunglasses, whatever the weather is like. Ideally, your sunglasses should be a wraparound style to prevent harmful UV rays penetrating from the sides and underneath the sunglasses. If you wear contact lenses, it is possible to get lenses with a special UV coating. It is vital to remember to pay particular attention to your eye health. Eyes are delicate and need to be treated as such. For tips on eye care visit Bad vision can be caused by bad health. If you are having problems with clarity of vision, do a checklist of your lifestyle. Do you watch too much television, play too many videogames, smoke or have an unhealthy diet? If you answer yes to any of these, they could all be progressively playing a part in the degeneration of your eyesight.


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