Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning...

The weather is finally starting to feel like spring. Jace has his first baseball practice tomorrow and we've actually been able to get outside and play with temperatures nearing 70! It also means spring cleaning in the Jackson house. 

I don't know about you guys, but I can't stand clutter. I like things nice and neat, organized and clean. So guess what we started doing this week? That's right "Spring Cleaning"! I just don't know how one family can accumulate so much junk and I also don't know how things can get so dirty over time. So it's time the kids and I get busy!!

We have white trim, white interior doors and white faux wood blinds and they are all filthy. That will be my first project. Next will be cleaning out closets which seem to accumulate so much junk and the boys' can help clean out their room which has way too many toys that they don't play with anymore.

(If only my closet looked this good!)

I have been selling some things that we don't need through our local online rummage sale and making pretty good money. You get so much more for kids clothes on those sites selling the items individually than you would ever get at a garage sale. I might try to sell somethings on Music Magpie too. Trash pickup is coming up and we also have a local thrift store nearby so I figure whatever I don't sell can be donated or thrown away, but why not at least try to get a few bucks first! 

I have been getting so many organizational ideas and cleaning solution recipes from Pinterest. I WILL get our house organized and in tip-top shape before summer hits this year and I WILL be making a spring cleaning checklist and checking things off! I would love to hear your spring cleaning tips or how you keep your house organized. With kids it's so hard!!


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