Friday, May 24, 2013

Introducing the Franklin Sports MLB Junior Deluxe Multi-Sport Return Trainer and a 20% off Coupon!!



Well it's officially summer break at our house as the boys both finished their last day of school yesterday! So what does that mean for this SAHM? Well I am going to have to find activities to keep them active and busy or I just might go CrAzY! 

One activity that they both love and will keep them busy for awhile this summer is baseball. Jace is in his first year of league baseball and Grady just started t-ball. They love practicing in the yard with daddy, however they drive him crazy and fight over who's going to play catch with him first. He takes turns, but he is only a one man show. He gets off work and the first thing they do is beg him to play, fight over who's going first and it's hard to get anything else done...until now that is.

I am so excited to introduce you all to a pitchback. You know I've seen these nets in yards before, but the unsporty mom that I am always thought they were soccer nets -- I had no clue about one of these.

Franklin Sports recently sent us the MLB Junior Deluxe Multi-Sport Return Trainer (aka a pitchback) and it is the coolest product ever!

With the MLB Junior Deluxe Multi-Sport Return Trainer your little leaguer can practice any sport when you can't be there. With Franklin Sports patented adjustable hinges and locking pins it allows for multiple return angles so your ball player can be prepared for grounders, line drives and fly balls. A strike zone can be added to the net to ensure better accuracy when they are practicing.

You will love that this all-weather 30 ply plastic net with bungee attachments and tubular steel construction is very durable and will survive any environment. It features "Easy Click" assembly buttons to ensure easy adjusting, assembly and storage.


If you aren't familiar with a pitchback let me explain it a little better-- It's a big net that you throw a ball at and it basically bounces right back to you. So instead of throwing a ball to another player and them throwing it back you are basically practicing alone. The net on this one is adjustable to different angles so that one way the balls bounce back as pop flys, another angle provides line drives and the third provides ground balls. It is so much fun and really instrumental in teaching your child to catch balls and play an outfield position however they come their way!

We have all had so much fun using the pitchback. The boys have used this almost every night for the last week that we've had it. It keeps them occupied and has really helped them practice catching the ball. 

It's great for baseball and softball use, but is also really fun with a football or soccerball. We highly recommend the Franklin Sports MLB Junior Deluxe Multi-Sport Return Trainer  therefore we are offing you all a discount code of 20% off to purchase your own!

20% Off Coupon

Simply use coupon code JACKSON at checkout to take advantage of this special offer! (20% off coupon valid through June 30th, 2013!)

Disclaimer: The Jackson Five Family Blog received a complimentary product sample to conduct this reader review and giveaway. However all opinons are honest and our own!


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