Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You get what you give...So Give Good.


Have you ever just wished for something you didn't have? I do it a lot, but am constantly reminded of how good I have it. There is always someone, somewhere that is less fortunate than me and it really puts you in your place just thinking about it.

As we continue to pray for the people of Oklahoma this week it is a prime example of how lucky we are. I can't imagine a devastating tornado wiping out my whole town, wiping out schools filled with teachers and children in them and just the thought of not knowing where my children are makes me feel sick. 

If you read the news you know that there are tragic events that happen daily and it's hard to see the good. People like to focus and bring attention to the negative. 

Today I am excited to share my good fortune with you. There IS good in this world and sometimes it shows up when you are least expecting it. This week my blog was visited by the Fairy Hobmother. Yes, you read that right I said the Fairy Hobmother! 

The Fairy Hobmother is well known around the blogosphere--popping in on blogs and readers who comment on them and spreading a little magic through gift cards and other unexpected gifts like appliances! This week I received a gift card and it really made my day!

The Fairy Hobmother loves to give and you just never know when the fairy will notice you and pay you a visit! (if you leave a comment make sure to leave your e-mail address incase the Fairy Hobmother decides to contact you!)

It is comforting knowing there is still good in this world, there are good people out there -- It's about love, It's about compassion. It's about Happiness and Faith. It has nothing to do with luck. You get what you give good.