Saturday, June 1, 2013

Improve Air Quality by using #FiltreteFilters by 3M...


When we built our new home a few years ago we realized that we would need to replace our furnace filters when our thermostat prompted us. We had never had furnace filters before so it was a whole new experience learning about them and replacing them to keep our air clean. Little did we know that there were so many different kinds of filters, ones that could reduce odors in our home and actually help remove allergens as well.

Filtrete Brand by 3M recently sent us several complimentary filter's to try --Odor Reduction, Ultimate Allergen and Micro Allergen.

Odor Reduction: The most effective carbon filter at removing odors in the home. Activated carbon removes odors such as: pet, smoke, cooking, mildew and cleaning chemicals. Attracts and captures microscopic allergens like pet dander, smoke and household dust and microscopic particles that carry bacteria, viruses and odors. (Lasts up to 3 months!)

Ultimate Allergen: Attracts and captures 93% of large particles like mold spores, dust and pollen from the air passing through the filter. Carries a 1900 Microparticle Performance Rating. (Lasts up to 3 months!)

Micro Allergen: Outperforms Non-Electrostatic Filters (non-electrostatic filters mean 3-month pleated, washable and ordinary fiberglass 1" filters). Attracts and captures large airborne allergens like: pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris. (Lasts up to 3 months!) 

Our son suffers from seasonal allergies so we were excited to learn about all of the Filtrete Filters available. I love that the filters last up to 3 months, are very affordable and will improve the air quality in our home for all of us!


Filtrete Brand by 3M makes an entire line of air filters for your home's heating and cooling system --there's one for each family's needs and lifestyle. They are very affordable starting at just a few dollars, last up to 3 months and can be purchased at places you already shop like Lowe's, Target, Walmart, Costco and your local hardware store. 

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To help homeowners address indoor air concerns, Filtrete Filter brand, known for its air and water filtration products, has partnered with Mike Holmes, renowned HGTV contractor, on the Filtrete Healthy Home Remodel Contest. 

One grand-prize winner, selected by Mike Holmes, will receive $30,000 worth of home inspections, repairs and renovations by Holmes Group approved contractor. Four first-prize winners will be awarded $5,000 cash to put towards home repairs.

To enter through June 30th, 2013:

You will be prompted to "like"Filtrete Brand to visit contest page. Then you will be asked to explain in 1,000 words or less why your home is deserving a healthier home remodel. Submit up to 2 photos supporting your essay. For more details, please view the official rules.

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The Jackson Five Family Blog received a complimentary product sample from Filtrete Brand by 3M through to conduct this reader review. All opinions are honest and our own! 


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  3. Filter replacement frequency varies by filter type, by the size of your home and the overall air quality. A furnace in a larger home will move more air and clog the filter faster.

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