Tuesday, September 24, 2013


>>>>> Don't Think a Cruise is Right for You? 5 Reasons Why You're Wrong <<<<<

So you’re worried a cruise holiday just doesn’t sound like your kind of trip. You’ve got a few reservations and that’s okay, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about cruise holidays, but we’re here to set you straight and give you the low-down on why a cruise holiday is the perfect option for an overseas adventure.

You Think Cruise Holidays Are for Another Age Group

It’s common to meet young people under the misconception that cruises are only for the elderly, and just as common to meet older people who think cruising is for late-night party animals. The truth is; there are all sorts of cruise holidays tailored to satisfy all tastes and ages across the board.
Most cruise ships are simply packed with so many different activities and entertainment options that there’s bound to be lots of appealing features for all members of the family. There are also many cruises which are actually tailored toward different demographics.
There are cruises specifically designed for families, cruises aimed at the more mature holidaymakers, romantic cruises for couples, higher-energy cruises for more active travellers, even cruises for singles that encourage socialising and meeting fellow travellers.

You’re Worried You Don’t Get Enough Time at Each Port

Exploring foreign countries by luxury cruise means you’ll get to visit lots of exotic new locations. While it’s true that you don’t get an extended period of time in each port, you do get to visit many more places as a result.
A tour of - let’s say – Europe, for example, would be a huge expense considering flights, ground transport, accommodation, food and drink, and whatever other costs you might encounter. On a cruise holiday your experience is rolled into one ticket price, meaning you get to experience much more of Europe for less.
The shore visits may not be lengthy, but you get lots of new experiences and great distances packed into your cruise.

You’re Worried You’ll Get Bored

If boredom is a concern to you, a chat with anybody who has been on a cruise will quell your concerns quickly. Cruise ships are packed with top-notch entertainment, activities and facilities to meet your every need.
For low energy days you can relax on deck, swim, sweat in a sauna or get pampered in a spa. To burn off your energy there are fitness centres and sporting facilities, to fill your belly there’s a whole array of fine dining, plus bars, lounges and even clubs. There are social events, performances, live music, and that’s all before you even reach the first port.

You Think Cruises are Too Structured

Some folks have this idea that cruise ships are all about dress codes, set meal times and scheduled activities, but modern cruise holidays are all about freedom and tailoring a holiday to suit you and your needs. You can dress how you like, eat what, where and when you like, attend whatever entertainment you’re in the mood for, use the facilities as you need them, and even plan your own shore visits if you want to explore on your own.

You Think Holidays are Stressful

While the idea of dragging the whole family through airports, waiting for late stopovers, crammed into tiny plane seats, losing sleep and being flung into opposite time zones IS a stressful concept, there’s absolutely none of that to worry about on a cruise holiday.
On a cruise you sleep when you want, eat when you want, travel in luxury and simply relax while you’re transported across the globe. You needn’t worry about jet lag, stop overs, taxi rides, booking hotels, packing and unpacking bags, navigating a foreign country; everything is taken care of for you.
So, by now you’re probably thinking that maybe it’s worth another look into a luxury cruise for your next trip. If you think it’s time to take the next step, follow this URL to start planning your dream cruise holiday now!


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