Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Shine Elegant Wearable Activity Monitor available at Best Buy would make a great gift this Holiday Season!


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Looking for a gift for that fitness guru in your life? Maybe someone who wants to lead a healthier life into the new year and needs a jump start? If you are then we have a unique product that would make a great gift this holiday.
It's called the Shine by Misfit. Shine is an elegant activity monitor that you can wear anywhere, even in the water. It was designed to inspire people to be more active and to encourage people to set goals for how much they want to move in a day and complete them.
Shine can track your activity throughout the day or night. It can track things like how many steps you've taken and how far you've traveled. It can track many activities that you participate in like swimming, biking, tennis and many other sports. It can even track your sleep, tell you how many calories you've burned and it acts like a watch too.
Alternate View 1Angle
I recently received a Shine Misfit to try and had no idea what it would be like. First I was surprised at just how small this activity monitor is.
It's roughly the size of a quarter which allows you to wear it without anyone knowing you have it on. Clip it on anywhere with the magnetic Clasp shown above.
Larger Front
Wear it easily while working out with the Sports Wrist Band or  wear it with the Leather Band (shown below) for a classier look.
Alternate View 1
You can even wear shine as a necklace.
So now you ask how exactly does it track your activities --Well it's compatible with your smartphone and has it's own app. It's simple to sync. All you have to do is place the Shine Activity Monitor on top of your devices screen and syncing is made easy!
The main thing that you do is set a point goal that you want to achieve. Depending on how active you are, you're able to set a certain amount of points that you want to reach for the day and as you start being active you will start achieving that goal. The front of the Shine tracker will light up little dots around the front of it telling you how far you've gone. Once you reach your goal all dots will be lit.
Shine is a neat device that tracks so many things. I love that it's small, easy to use and that it keeps me accountable for my daily activity.
It's a gorgeous device that will empower people to be more proactive about their personal health and would make a great gift for anyone this holiday. We all need to be active to stay healthy and this is a great way to track your daily progress.
Shine is exclusively available in additional colors at Best Buy including: Silver, Black, Champagne and Topaz.
To learn more about the Shine by Misfit, please visit:


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