Sunday, January 5, 2014

Be stylish this winter with Florsheim Kids Footwear...


Here in Ohio we are gearing up for a big snow storm. It's already begun and we are expecting anywhere from 8-12 inches, not to mention freezing cold temperatures that could get well below zero and into negative digits.
So what do we do when it gets this cold out? Stay inside and dress appropriately of course! This little guy is styling with his new Valco Moc Toe Jr boots from Florsheim Kids.
 We love Florsheim Kids footwear. They are hand-crafted from rich materials with inspiration from old-school style, presented in both current and vintage colors, materials and detailing.
As a mom of two busy boys quality, comfort and durability are major factors when purchasing shoes. They have to have all of those factors, along with being stylish and Florsheim Kids hits it all on the spot!
Check them out...