Friday, January 31, 2014

We love the Florsheim Kids Shoe Collection. Enter to win a $60 Gift Card...

My little guy is so into wearing jeans and sporting funky shoes right now. His brother on the other hand, well let's just say 'sweatpants' could be his middle name. Grady always says "I want to dress like daddy" and I absolutely love it! Him and Craig share a love for shoes. Craig is always getting comments about his and recently the guys at work bought him a pair from a thrift store. They were Italian leather and a brown and cream mix, let's just say they were a little wild. I will save that for another post, ha! 

So that brings us to today --let's talk about some of the new item's from the Florsheim Kids collection. Florsheim is taking their classics to new heights by adding more variety, bold new colors and adding decidedly new details to their shoe collection.

The Doon Chukka Jr. is a fine example of that. It's available in this classic brown, as well as many other fun color combinations...

Florsheim Dook Chukka Jr boot dress

We are loving this boot in the Light Gray Multi Suede. 

Two different shades of gray with the perfect touch of green gives this classic boot an edgy look that kids will love. 

Grady loves the green shoe strings and has worn these every second since they arrived!

You can view the whole Florsheim Kids collection by visiting:


We have teamed up with Florsheim once again and one lucky reader will win a $60 Florsheim Kids Gift Certificate!



  1. I like the Driftwood Oxford Jr style.

  2. We love them too!!! What a handsome dude.


    1. Thanks, Andrea!! :-) They really are some of the best shoes and we LOVE the styles!!

  3. I like the Dunn Chukka Jr - I love gray & Green for my boys. I found your site from the Buckeye Blogger linkup (I'm in Toledo)... Ila from He Has MS

    1. Glad you found the blog! Thanks for stopping by and signing up!! :-)

  4. I like brown Nowles Slip On Jr.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I adore the contrasting sole of the Kearny Jr.

  6. Great !! I love such a Florsheim's Driftwood Oxford Jr shoes.I have two pairs of such perfect Florsheim Shoes .

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