Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easy Peeps Easter Treat Bouquet...

I enjoy bringing in holiday treats for my son's class. I usually turn to Instagram or Pinterest for some inspiration and when I was looking for an easy Easter treat this year I came across dipped Peeps treats and decided to make a fun Peeps Bouquet!
These Easter treats are so easy to make and so, so cute. I love how they turned out...
What you need:
Colorful Peeps
Candy Melts
Treat Bags
Paper Straws or Treat Sticks
Choose your Peeps and what candy melts you'll be using. I used a variety of Peeps and white and blue candy melts for dipping. Once you've melted your candy melts begin dipping your Peeps. I dipped the bottom half of the bunnies and the entire bottoms of the chicks. Once dipped begin coating the wet candy melts with your favorite sprinkles. I just sprinkled mine on over a bowl, but you could also put your sprinkles into a bowl and dip them into the sprinkles. Now you can insert your paper straws or treat sticks. Lay the dipped treats on a sheet of wax paper until dry. Once dry you can insert the decorated Peeps into fun treat bags and tie with a ribbon to keep them sealed.
After my treats were all finished I decided to make a Peeps Bouquet. I took an old vase I had. Filled it with styrofoam and then inserted the treats until it was filled out and resembled a floral bouquet --CUTE!
I had several Peeps treats left over so I bagged them together and added a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg and added a little note for his teacher -- "Thanks for being an 'egg-cellent' teacher! Happy Easter."
I love how the whole thing turned out. Jace is so excited to bring his Peeps Bouquet into class tomorrow. It was easy, inexpensive and looks adorable when finished!
Happy Easter Crafting!