Thursday, May 22, 2014

Learn to Swim with SwimWays Swim Steps products...

The pool is finally open and the boys are ready for another season of swimming! They were doing so good last year, but living in Ohio and not being able to swim year round really takes a toll on their confidence and skills from summer to summer.
Jace does pretty good without wearing any kind of flotation device as long as we are nearby and believe it or not last year Grady was swimming without any as well. 
He was in the water today for the first time while Jace was at school and he definitely needs lots of practice to gain that confidence and learn some things once again.
We were excited when SwimWays recently sent each of the boys a Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest. SwimWays has many products that will help assist in teaching children to swim and these vests are one of many products available.
Available in small, medium and large these vests will make learning to swim fin-tastic. They feature 3 removable flotation pads for adjustable buoyancy as children develop swimming and confidence skills.
You will love the quality of the neoprene outer shell and fabric liner that gives kids ultimate comfort when they have them on. The back fin is flexible and folds flat so when children are taking a break they can sit in a pool chair without having to take the vest completely off.
The boys both think these are so cool --they love that they look like sharks walking around or swimming in the pool. Grady did really well in the vest and Jace can't wait to put his to the test!



I love that the SwimWays Teach Me To Swim website offers their 'Swim Steps' Swimming Training guide. They show you which products are the best based on your child's swimming abilities.

Swim Steps 1 -- First Time in the Pool
Swim Steps 2 -- I'm Ready to Paddle and Splash
Swim Steps 3 -- Teach Me to Swim So We Can Swim Together

The site also offers some great information and resources as well as great products. Teaching kids to swim will ensure safety and lots of fun in the water!



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