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Levana Stella 2 Baby Monitor...

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Levana Stella 2 Camera Baby Monitor

 Our kids are 6 and 8, but we still use a baby monitor... every single night! Why? For peace of mind. Do you remember when you were a kid and you had to sleep in a dark room alone at night? I do and guess what I got scared. I heard noises, saw shadows etc... It's something all kids do and the boy's have the same fears. 

 So when Levana recently sent us their Stella 2 Camera Baby Monitor to try out we got exited!

This baby monitor has so many great features. We loved that we were sent not one, but two cameras for the system. Having two cameras allowed us to view two separate rooms in our home from one single monitor. You can also add an additional two cameras, allowing you to view up to 4 individual rooms in your home all on one monitor!

 The Levana Stella offers a big 4.3" screen for convenient viewing. You can see a clear picture on the screen during the day or night with the Invisible LED Night Vision which ensures a clear image of your child or baby (or dog, haha she's a great model) from up to 12 ft away!

From the screen unit you can also control the camera --moving it a full 270 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically with the smooth and silent Pan/Tilt/Zoom feature allowing you to see everything in the room from the touch of a button. I love, love, love this feature. Old baby monitors allowed you to set the camera and see only one view in a room, this one lets you move the camera viewing area around the whole room. Hear a noise by the window, simply move the camera that way and check things out, again giving you better piece of mind without ever having to go in the baby's room and take the chance of waking them up etc.

When choosing a baby monitor there are two very important things you should consider, but maybe you don't always think about - A monitors reach and privacy. The last thing you want is to purchase a baby monitor that only works within small distances. The Levana Stella offers Private ClearVu technology which provides you with outstanding precision and clarity of digital signal from up to 750 ft away and you can use 4 cameras with this system. We've also heard about those crazy stories where someone outside of the home can access your monitor etc... Stella offers a private, secure interference-free digital signal that no one can access but you which is very important when making sure a baby monitor is the perfect fit for you and your family's home!

Our favorite feature on this monitor is the Talk to Baby two-way communication intercom. Whether you're trying to calm a crying baby or you simply want to reassure your kids that you are closeby this is one of the best features a baby monitor can have these days. I can hear everything my kids say, but I also have the option of pressing a button and responding to their questions, being able to tell them to settle down or just telling them goodnight one more time from wherever I'm at.
Other great features include 3 built-in lullabies that you can activate and change from the parent unit at anytime.

36 hour battery life in PEEP mode meaning that the camera goes into power-on/off energy efficient picture mode. When there is absolutely no sound in the room the camera goes into 'sleep' mode and turns back on the second it hears a peep of any kind.

The Smart LED Indicator ring is a color system that shows up on the screen when you have the volume turned down. It alerts you to how much the baby is crying out. For instance blue would mean it picks up only low volume and whispers and red would alert you to high volume and yelling. There are many colors in between as well.
We've had the Levana Stella set up with 2 cameras in our home for a few weeks now and it really is an exceptional baby monitor. The pictures and sound are both very clear. I love the huge screen on the parent unit and it's awesome being able to control the camera and move it to view anywhere in the boys' room. That is such a great feature that many monitors don't offer. The boys love knowing that I am always with them, without actually being in their room. They will tell me goodnight mom, I love you over and over and it's great being able to communicate back and forth from wherever I am at without having to stop what I'm doing, like laundry etc.

 In the middle of the night I know when they get up to go to the bathroom and love being able to tell them goodnight again without ever leaving my bed. Of course we don't use the added lullaby option, but if you have a little one it's definitely an added bonus. My boys' loved music when they were babies and I think we would have used it a ton. You don't know how many times I used to try and sneak into their room to turn their mobile on without them seeing or hearing me.  
If you're looking for a great baby monitor I highly recommend the Levana Stella. I had never heard of the brand before, but after using it for awhile I can honestly it's one of the best baby monitors I've ever used! Love it!
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