Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monitor your home and open and close your garage door anytime, anywhere with the Neposmart Security Camera...

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My husband is so excited about the Neposmart Camera --It's a security camera that allows you to view live HD video and open and close your garage door from anywhere at anytime via your phone, tablet, or PC.
Watch this video to see exactly how it works!

The Neposmart Camera is easy to use, easy to set up and we love that it doesn't require a monthly fee. You don't even have to enter your private information anywhere, it's all secured and controlled by your own device.


When I first heard about Neposmart I loved the idea of a security camera for our home and the idea of being able to put our garage door up and down from wherever we are. I can't tell you how many times we have left our house and thought did we put the door down and had to turn around and go back only to find it shut, talk about a waste of time! With the Neposmart we can now check right from our phones if we left it up and the app alerts us after a certain period of time if we didn't put it down.

We have used the Neposmart so much already. It came in handy the other day --We've had so much rain here in Ohio and we were in a neighboring town and their power went out. My husband started freaking out because our basement has flooded in the past and we weren't sure if our town still had power. We immediately thought about the Neposmart. He went into the app activated our garage door and it immediately went up so we knew we had power and didn't have to rush home to check our sump pump or start the generator. What a great way to tell if our house still had power when we weren't home! It's also nice to be able to put our door up when we are a few minutes away and it's storming and pouring down rain. It's up when arrive and can pull right in without a wait.
The Neposmart also came in handy when I was with my mom the other day and my garage door opener was in my car at her house. We stopped by to get something that I forgot and I thought great I can not get in and we'll have to go all the way across town to get the opener and come back. Then I remembered the Neposmart app and put the door up! No running across town to let myself in. It was so convenient.
The Neposmart has awesome features on it to help you monitor your home. You can take still pictures, record video, listen to sound, zoom in and it lets you scan the whole room you are monitoring by moving the camera from your device! You can set different shots of your room and with the touch of a button it will automatically take you to the views you have set up and it can detect motion and alert you if you want it to. It also works at night with it's night vision. If you have more than one camera you an also view them all from the same app. It's great knowing that we can keep an eye our house right from our phone no matter where we are!

I never imagined we'd use the garage door opener feature so much, but now I don't know how we could live without it because we've used it so many times! We did have a little trouble setting it up and we called the support number and they walked us through every step to make sure we had it working in no time. The only thing I don't like about it is that my husband thought he would be funny the other day and activated the garage door when the kids and I were home alone. I immediately thought who put up the garage door and there were no cars around, then I remembered he could do it from his phone as --funny guy!

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