Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Giving Guide and Giveaways --Hampton Creek, Just Mayo

The Jackson Five Family received a complimentary product sample to help facilitate this reader feature. However, all opinions are honest and our own! 

Happy Football Sunday, whether you're watching your fave game or thinking of your next Christmas gift idea I have a product to share with you. It's Hampton Creek's, Just Mayo. Everyone loves mayonnaise, but Hampton Creek offers a different spin on the not usually so healthy condiment used as a sandwich spread and in many delicious recipes. 

   Hampton Creek's Just Mayo is egg-free, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, lactose free and is naturally cholesterol free making it a healthier choice when choosing mayo. We recently had the chance to try all 4 flavors (original, chipotle, garlic, sriracha) and really enjoyed them. 

Our fave is the chipotle. Craig and I have been dipping pretzel sticks in it and we just went through our first bottle. It adds a little kick to our ordinary deli sandwiches too. They are creamy and taste so good.


 Try this Just Mayo Spinach Dip recipe for your next football or holiday get together --

Just  Mayo  Garlic  Spinach  Dip  

1  ¼  cups  frozen  chopped  spinach  
1  packet  Knorr®  Vegetable  recipe  mix  
1  cup  Just  Mayo  Garlic*  
16  oz.  sour  cream  
⅓  cup  slivered  almonds  

1) Thaw  and  cook  spinach  in  a  medium  saucepan  with  a  little  water  until  warmed  through,  about  8-­‐10  minutes.  
2) Press  spinach  in  a  colander  or  cheesecloth  to  remove  as  much  liquid  as  possible.  Place  into  a  large  mixing  bowl.  
3) Add  the  Knorr®  Vegetable  recipe  mix,  Just  Mayo  Garlic,  and  sour  cream  to  the  bowl  and  mix  well.  
4) Chill  the  mixture  for  2  hours.  
5) In  a  dry  skillet  on  medium-­‐low  heat,  toast  the  almond  slivers  until  golden.  Remove  from  skillet  and  let  them  cool.  
6) Fold  the  almonds  into  the  dip,  reserving  a  few  for  garnish.  
7) Serve  the  dip  with  crudités  and  slices  of  bread.  

*For  a  spicy  version  of  the  dip,  use  Just  Mayo  Sriracha  
Prep  time:  20  minutes / Chill  time:  2  hour / Servings:  6  

Nutrition  facts  (5oz  portion):    Calories  501,  Protein  6.88g,  Carbohydrate  9.16g,  
Total  Fat  46.13g,  Cholesterol  50mg,  Sodium  436mg,  Dietary  Fiber  1.96g,  Saturates  11.92g.  


I'm a big fan of their simple, modern packaging and was excited to find these at my local Walmart. I'm making a few fun, manly gift baskets this Christmas and they will look great thrown in a basket paired with beer, pretzels, playing cards and a few Hampton Creek recipes --go ahead and try them! I'd love to know what you think, yum...

Learn more about Hampton Creek and Just Mayo by visiting:

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