Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The NuWave Twister is my new favorite smoothie blender --small, powerful and easy to use...

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When the boys' are at school I love making myself smoothies for breakfast and even lunch, but I hate using the big blender for just myself. I always make too much and it usually goes to waste.
As Seen on TV NuWave Multi-Purpose Twister Blender and Chopper, 7-Piece Set
I've found the perfect appliance that allows me to make one smoothie at a time and it's capable of doing so much more too --it's the NuWave Twister.

The NuWave Twister is a 7 piece multi-purpose blender that's perfect for chopping, grinding, grating, mixing and blending.

As Seen on TV NuWave Multi-Purpose Twister Blender and Chopper, 7-Piece Set

The 7 piece set includes the powerful Twister motor, a 4oz and 8oz canister, 2 storage lids, a chopping blade and a flat blade.

I've been making smoothies for myself and my kids non-stop with this and love that it's so easy to use! Pick the 4 0z or 8 oz container. Fill it with yummy things --above I used bananas, strawberries, spinach, ice and a little orange juice. Screw the topper blade on, put it on the Twister motor and "twist" it's really that easy. 

Within a few seconds everything gets blended up nicely.  There is little to no mess and I love that each container comes with a lid so that you can easily store things or bring it with you.

Not only is this great for smoothies, but it works great for food prep too. Need to chop fruits, veggies or nuts? There's a special blade to get the job done quickly. It's also perfect for making salsas, soups and yummy desserts. There are lots of recipes for this little gadget that takes up little to no space on your countertop or in the cabinet.

We love the NuWave Twister. If you're looking for a small, but powerful blender that takes up little space, is quick, easy to use and very affordable then this is the product for you!

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