Monday, February 29, 2016

The layering Halftee...

(The Jackson Five Family received a complimentary product sample to help facilitate this reader feature. However, all opinions are honest and our own!)

It felt like springtime on this February morning... la la la la! Do you all remember that song? If not you must listen to it! I loved it and am so looking forward to spring which is only a few weeks away! I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of March already. In Ohio though Spring temperatures are all over the place, cold one day, warm the next, super windy etc... and you never know how to dress so layers are a must and so is my new layering tee from Halftee...It's super soft and so practical...

Halftee is the ultimate layering tee that reduces bulk in the midsection. Sometimes you just need a cute neckline and some cute sleeves to extend some of your summer tanks and tshirts or to add a little warmth when the temps are all over the place without getting to warm.

I'm wearing the long sleeved Halftee under this cute lace blouse and it's perfect for this. The bottom half of the shirt is fully lined, but the arms are see through lace as well as the neckline. The Halftee allows me to wear this cute shirt now without being too chilly as the air would hit my arms etc... The lace at the chest is a little lowcut too, so it adds just a little something to make it a little more conservative during these chilly days. I got a large, but definitely could have went down to a medium.

The HALFTEE is available in adult sizes XS-3XL and kids sizes, several colors and many different styles. If you love layering without all the bulk then this is a must-have piece in your wardrobe.  They just posted a new one today called Charlee that is a limited edition and features a Raw-Edge overlock seam that looks so comfy and casual. I love that it comes in a soft gray too. 

Check out all of the HALFTEE's by visiting:


Find Halftee on Instagram and Facebook for more information and styling ideas!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

You don't have to go to the Oscars to get pictures with some of your fave stars --visit the Hollywood Wax Museum today!

The Jackson Five Family received complimentary tickets while working with --however all opinions are honest and our own! 

You don't have to go to the Oscars to get pictures with some of your favorite movie stars, just visit one of the Hollywood Wax Museum locations and you can get pictures with any you want --no questions asked!
(Craig loved having his picture with Angelina Jolie)
We recently visited the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN and it's one of the Great Smoky Mountain areas biggest attractions. You can't miss it, just look for the building with the giant 40,000 pound Great Ape on top!
(The boys looking tough Men in Black Style)
Once inside you'll be able to pose with some of Hollywood's biggest stars while learning about their pets, pet peeves and accomplishments. Movie buffs, pop culture lovers and everyone who wants to step into the spotlight with the stars will enjoy the fun, entertainment, creativity and artistry that the world-famous Hollywood Wax Museum has to offer.
When visiting we recommend purchasing the All Access Pass --one of the perks is taking a ride up into the mouth of the Great Ape where you'll be able to see the spectacular Smoky Mountains from the VIP Observation Deck. With the pass you'll also get admission to Hannah's Maze of Mirrors, Outbreak and the Castle of Chaos which are all located in the same building just a short walk away from the wax museum.

The boys loved the mirror maze where we had to make our way through 288 potential twists and turns among hundreds of mirrored walls, archways and several sections where you see infinite reflections in every direction. They also had so much fun joining the battle against evil at Castle of Chaos, the world's first 5D haunted attraction. Take a ride and help the Paranormal Professor find out what supernatural activity is lurking inside. You'll find yourself in an all-out shooting adventure where the highest scorers appear on the screen. If you're a brave one you'll want to make sure to make your way through Outbreak too -- a scary little haunted adventure where you must help stop a worldwide viral outbreak.

 (My dad with Julia, Mom just hanging with Hugh lol and Craig and I on the VIP deck!)
Learn more and purchase your tickets to the Hollywood Wax Museum by visiting:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And the Oscar goes to... Sour Jacks' Oscar Challenge!

The Jackson Five Family received a complimentary product sample to help facilitate this reader feature. However, all opinions are honest and our own!
I'm up for a good challenge especially when it comes to something I love like watching the Oscars which are coming up this Sunday! What's not to love, it's a night full of fashion and some of my favorite actors and actresses.
Sour Jacks the makers of America's favorite soft chewy mouth-puckering candy challenged several bloggers to make an Oscar worthy treat using their candies. They sent several bags in a variety of  flavors like lemon, watermelon, green apple and wildberry. We had to create a design using the treats to go along with the Oscar theme to be judged on. If we win we get sent even more sour jacks, the boys are excited for the contest because they love them!
So here is our Oscar nominee --Miss Fruity Sour with her banana peel lemon Sour Jacks Oscar on the left and her cottage cheese Watermelon Sour Jacks & lemon popcorn on the right. It's all about moderation so we've paired our candy with some healthy fruit --we think she has the right combination to win!
Isn't she lovely? I think she gets the best dressed award with her raspberry heels,
blueberry and Wildberry Sour Jacks skirt, her Green Apple Sour Jacks shirt that shows off her banana arms so well and what's not to love about her blackberry hair!
We think she's a winner!
Sour Jacks soft and chewy mouth-puckering candy make a great treat to snack on this Oscar Sunday!
Check them out by visiting:

Monday, February 22, 2016

snu:mee: world's most advanced kid's music player

The Jackson Five Family received a complimentary snu:mee to review in anticipation of the crowdfunding campaign to bring snu:mee to the United States. However, all opinions are honest and our own. 

I love products that grow with a child, kind of a like a baby crib that transforms into a toddler bed. It just makes sense. Kids grow so fast and multi-purpose products that grow with a child make us parents feel like we get our moneys worth while providing several years of use.

Multipurpose Baby Monitors

So let me introduce you to a brand new device called snu:mee. Popular in Europe and currently available in the United States  through their Indiegogo campaign this three-in-one baby monitor, baby music box and MP3 player currently runs about $139, but can be snagged through the campaign for only $79. 

For newborns the disk-shaped device serves as a baby monitor that can be slipped into a soft playful sleeve in the shape of a friendly character that will quickly become their favorite cuddly toy. When a child grows into a toddler they'll love that snu:mee can be their very own little music box playing the devices loaded lullabies, recorded songs and familiar voices that parents can record for them to hear. When the child's just a bit older and a little more independent they'll love that snu:mee will be their very own MP3 player. They'll love connecting their headphones and listening to their favorite songs and audiobooks!

The snu:mee features a brilliant sound system with crystal clear transmission and sound quality. The device allows you to control everything from your smartphone with the Baby Stars rock2sleep app. 


I love this device as a portable baby monitor. You don't need cords or anything fancy, simply use the app through your phone to listen to your baby and you'll love that you can also talk to them through it so they can hear your voice without you ever having to go into their room.

Using it as a music box is just as easy. Perfect for playing soft lullabies or soothing nature sounds to help your little ones drift off to sleep and you'll love being in control from your device. You can even set a timer so that it will play for a certain amount of time. There are tons of preloaded songs and sounds. If your little ones likes white noise like the vacuum, hairdryer or the sweet sound of birds chirping there are lots of those included too. snu:mee even offers hit songs from some of my faves like Pink and Coldplay in a new soft music only twist. snu:mee also allows you transfer songs from your phone to the device making it easy for you to play their favorites or choose from tons in their app store! Don't have the actual device near you? You can even play the songs right from the app through your phone!

Lastly the snu:mee can be used as an MP3 player! This is perfect for traveling or entertaining your little ones on car rides etc. They'll be able to hook their headphones right into the device and jam to the safe playlist that you've created for them.

snu:mee features:

  • Baby monitor with up to 300m signal range
  • Feature packed MP3 player
  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • 60 decibel volume limiter for babies’ sensitive hearing
  • Headphone connector
  • Sleep timer allowing you to decide how long the music plays
  • Wi-Fi music streaming
  • Secure connection
  • Variety of cuddly sleeves to choose from! (I chose the star and it is adorable!)
  • 4GB memory, enough for more than 500 songs

Want your own snu:mee before it hits the U.S. at a huge discount? Then then hop on over to support the crowdfunding campaign and snag your snu:mee for only $79! Try before you buy and sample the music from the free app Baby Stars -rock2sleep on iPhone and Android today!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ace Marks --Artisan Dress Shoes Reinvented for the Modern Gentleman...

(The Jackson Five Family received a complimentary product sample to help facilitate this reader feature. However, all opinions are honest and our own!)
My husband is a busy businessman. He works a lot of hours, is on his feet all day and interacts with a lot of people being in the retail business. He loves dressing for the part, but his clothes and shoes have to be just as comfortable as they are fashionable.
We recently heard about the Ace Marks Kickstarter shoe campaign, the fastest growing shoe campaign in kickstarter history and are excited about it! Ace Marks are handcrafted in Italy with great quality by a family of 4th generation master craftsman.  
The shoes are stylish, comfortable, budget friendly and they have a great program where they'll buy back used Ace Marks, give you a credit towards a new pair and they'll also donate the worn pairs to men in need who are looking to get back on their feet and back into the workforce.

It's really a win, win for all!

  The campaign just launched on 02/16 and in less than 24 hours they met their goal of $20,000, how awesome is that!

Here's a little background information about the company and collection:
    1.  It’s a $600 luxury shoe for less than $200. Ace Marks is handcrafted in Italy by a family of 4th generation master craftsmen. Their work for other labels usually retails north of $600. Ace Marks are going to offer them at $200.
    2.  Ace Marks buy back their shoes and donate them. Partnering with Career Gear, they will take back worn pairs of Ace Marks and give their customers a $60 credit towards a new pair.  The worn pairs are donated to help men in need get back on their feet and rejoin the workforce.
      3.  Stylish yet professional. Ace Marks wanted to provide professionals with the ability to wear a dress shoe that is very stylish but still professional. Ace Marks were designed for the modern professional who has a bit of swagger and is looking to step up their style and stature.
Learn more about Ace Marks and their kickstarter campaign by visiting:


We can't wait for our first pair!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cheer to Another Great Year with Mixbook...

The Jackson Five Family received a complimentary product sample to help facilitate this reader feature. However, all opinions are honest and our own!
Cheers to another great Year!

We were so busy around the holidays that this is the first year in a long time that I didn't get around to making Christmas cards with our picture on it. Our friends and family always look forward to these and I really look forward to making them as well. I felt so bad not sending anything out over the holidays so once things settled down I had to make a card to send out. Of course the holidays are over and I wasn't sure what to do until I found these Happy New Years cards from Mixbook! Since I missed the traditional Christmas cards these just made sense.


How modern and fun are these --Cheers to another great year with our family photo on one side and a recent picture of both boys on the other. I love that they aren't Christmas-y and our friends and family can display them on their fridge or tackboard all year long.

Mixbook makes it easy for you to create something special. Whether you're looking for prints, a calendar for the new year, cards for a special occasion or a photobook to display all of your favorite memories from the past, Mixbook allows you to upload your pictures and play around with their templates until you have just what you're looking for.  I love that everything is customizable! They use high-quality, heavy-weight papers that are ethically sourced from sustainable forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance to ensure quality and you'll love their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Start creating by visiting...


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Swell Caroline and a fun Flutter Monogram Necklace Giveaway!!

The Jackson Five Family received a complimentary product sample to help facilitate this feature. However, all opinions are honest and our own. Sponsor is fully responsible for shipping the giveaway prize!

Swell Caroline

It's almost Valentine's Day and I love Swell Caroline for some fun gift ideas. They offer bright, fun, monogrammed and best of all affordable jewelry and accessories.  

 I'm so excited to share two of their necklaces that I'm wearing. I've layered the Flutter Monogram Necklace and the Cherry Blossom Necklace together for a fun look! The Cherry Blossom Necklace is only $7 right now, you MUST go get one! It's adorable!!

The Flutter Monogram Necklace also makes the perfect gift. It's small and dainty, but sweet and sparkly. It's perfect for wearing alone, or layering with all of your other necklaces like I do. These are plated with either rose gold or 14kt yellow gold, and when engraved  the monogram shines through the gold in sterling silvering making the monogram 'pop'. For under $60 it's something you can add to your jewelry collection and treasure forever!

Swell Caroline products are so fun to get in the mail, no wrapping needed. You'll love their pink flamingo pouches, cute little messages #you'resopretty and the added touch of pink confetti in the box --ADORABLE!!

Whether you drop a subtle hint to your significant other this Valentine's Day about the must-have products Swell Caroline carries or you just want to treat yourself to something special from the site, I promise you'll love what they offer!


I'm so excited to team up with Swell Caroline this Valentine's Day to offer you a fun giveaway! One lucky reader will win their very own Flutter Monogram Necklace valued at $58 and personalized just for you!

- Good Luck, Enter Below -