Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Keep your wearable device charged and safe with the myCharge PowerGear Sport charging case...

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Christmas is over and you're probably excited about all of your new gadgets and starting on those New Years Resolutions. Whether you got a new Apple Watch, a Fitbit or another wearable device you'll always want to keep it safe and have it charged at all times.

You can do both of those things with the myCharge PowerGear Sport case.

My husband loves his Apple Watch, but since he wears it so much he does find it going dead way too often. He's also good about just throwing it on the bathroom counter top to charge which always makes me nervous. I can just see the boys knocking it off onto the tile floor or washing their hands and dripping water all over it. He wouldn't be a happy camper since he can't be without it so now with this new case he has no excuse to keep it safe and charged at all times and it makes me feel more comfortable knowing it'll always be safe.

The PowerGear Sport provides up to 10 times the extra battery life for wearables as well as a safe, modern looking place to keep it. The case is also roomy enough to store extra bands you may have.

It has a built-in USB port so that a variety of devices can be charged, including most smartphones as well as things like your watches, fitness trackers etc. It's a great size and is very portable, perfect for keeping in your purse, the car or taking it to the gym, work etc.... If you find your wearables going dead too soon in the day or need a safe place to keep it when taking it off, then this is for you!

myCharge offers many styles of portable chargers. Whether you need to keep your earbuds charged, your cell phone or your wearable device they have a charger that is right for you! 

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